What are crypto­currencies?

What are cryptocoins?

Crypto-Coins are digital currencies. They can be exchanged and traded like ordinary currencies. But they are beyond the control of financial institutions and governments. Among them are veteran coins in the market such as the Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, BitcoinCash and Dash. At the same time there are new and interesting cryptocurrencies like Stellar, Tron, XIN, Cardano and some others. Which can reach a significant capitalization in the future and therefore a high coin value is created.


The function of cryptocurrencies?

The crypto-currency trade is decentralised. This means that they are not put into circulation or supported by a central authority such as a government, but are managed by a worldwide network of computers. Cryptocurrencies can be bought and sold through points of sale and stock exchanges and can be stored in wallets.

Unlike traditional currencies, crypto currencies are a common digital property record stored in a blockchain. When a user wants to transfer his units of a crypto currency to another user he sends them to his digital wallet. The transaction is only considered complete when it is verified and added to the blockchain in the so-called mining process. In this way, new crypto tokens are also usually created.


What is a decentralized blockchain?

One could write infinitely long texts and explanations to this question. But briefly explained:

A blockchain is a digital shared recording of data. In the case of crypto-currencies it is a transaction history of each unit of a crypto-currency showing how the holders have changed over time. The blockchain stores transactions in so-called blocks, with new blocks being appended to the beginning of the chain. The blockchain technology has unique security features that normal computer files do not have.


Why are crypto currencies and my capital so secure?

Consensus in the network and cryptography makes it impossible to hack a blockchain and steal or manipulate data.

Consensus in the network

A blockchain file is always stored on many computers throughout the network, rather than at one location and is therefore accessible to all users of the network. Thus the blockchain remains transparent and resistant to attacks by hacks, human or system errors.


Individual blocks are connected with each other by a cryptographic encryption method - a complex mathematical computer method. Any attempt to change the data interrupts the links between the individual blocks and can be identified by the computers on the network as an attempt to defraud.


What is the best way to trade in cryptographic currencies?

Keeping, Keeping, Keeping, this is the approach of the most crypto-convinced people. Over 95% of people are unaware of the requirements and risks of trading whether day trading or CFD trading. However, since crypto currencies have a very high potential to achieve a high capitalization in the financial market, it is recommended to buy and keep the coins. This is our approach.

Why trust in cryptos?

Various reports like print media, radio, TV-documentaries, interviews about the blockchain and crypto-currencies let people and countries become more independent and borderless with political freedom to an important financial instrument of the future. So join now and participate in this fascinating market.